The main task of the Equal Opportunities Officer is the fulfilment of the gender equality roadmap required by the NHG:

§3 para 3 NHG:. In the performance of their duties, the universities promote the actual enforcement of equality between women and men and work towards the elimination of existing disadvantages (Gender Equality Roadmap). They contribute to the promotion of women and gender studies.”

§42 para 2 NHG:. The Equal Opportunities Officer works towards the fulfilment of the Gender Equality Roadmap. The Officer acts in particular in the development of planning, in the preparation of the equality plan, as well as on structural and personnel decisions. The Officer may convene meetings. The Officer must report to the Senate and inform the general public about the performance of their duties. In fulfiling their tasks, the Officer is not bound by professional orders and instructions.

This legislation entails extensive tasks and topics. Among the most important ones are:

  • Consulting all women at university,
  • Development of gender equality-related policies and projects,
  • Participation in structural and personnel decisions of the University,
  • Participation in the development planning of the University,
  • Participation in the construction of the gender equality plan,
  • Creation of concepts and reports and contributing to the implementation of research-oriented standards on gender equality of the DFG.

The Equal Opportunities Officer is bound to maintain confidentiality. In counseling sessions, the Officer  can offer solutions to questions directed; yet, the person seeking advice should decide ultimately for themselves whether to take the advice or what action to take.

Among the basics of gender equality work at the TU Clausthal are the following laws and regulations in particular:

The NHG (Lower Saxony Higher Education Act),
the NGG (Lower Saxony Equal Right Act) (only partly fot universities),
the Constitution of the TU Clausthal as well as
the Equality Plan of the TU Clausthal.

In addition to the Staff Council, the Equal Opportunities Office is the contact point for complaints under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).


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