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From time to time, the Equal Opportunities Office will obtain interesting information about current vacancies, as well as on current issues, events, workshops, ... from the MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Technical Studies) area. Naturally, we also have our own offers from the Equal Opportunities Office of the TU Clausthal.

We would like to inform the students and employees of the TU Clausthal about these offers and job advertisements in the form of our (irregular) newsletter. Specifically, these offers are usually for women in MINT-related professions. Yet, we also cordially invite our male counterparts to subscribe to our newsletter. It is certainly something interesting for everyone.

Especially students and doctoral candidates who are at the end of the studies or the doctoral studies can benefit from the offer. Attention! The MINT newsletter can be subscribed via only a TUC-mail address as our offer is specially designed for students and employees at the TU Clausthal.

Yes, I would like to subscribe to the MINT Newsletter! Just send an email to mint-news-subscribe(at)gb.tu-clausthal.de (in an automatically generated e-mail reply, the application needs to be confirmed!)

I would like to unsubscribe from MINT Newsletter! mint-news-off(at)gb.tu-clausthal.de


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