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The TU Clausthal would like to enable its employees to reconcile work and family. A building block for this is expected to be the introduction of alternating telework.

Alternating telework means that employees fulfil their individual working hours partly at home (domestic work) and partly in the office (operational work). Means for teleworking are supported by equipment and installations of decentralized information processing and communication technology. The workplace at home is connected to the service online. The target groups are employees of the administration, the faculty, and the central facilities that can appeal on social or organizational grounds.

Teleworking introduced at the TU Clausthal

Following the successful completion of the pilot project for the introduction of telework at the TU Clausthal, a service agreement for alternating telework has now been completed.

The service agreement is available in the Administration Guide. The requirements and procedure can be found there in detail.

http://www.tu-clausthal.de/hv/d5/vhb/system3/3_00_14.pdfService Agreement for alternating telework

Aims of the project

  • improving the reconciliation of work and family,
  • increasing the efficiency and motivation of employees,
  • making an environmental contribution by reducing the rush hour

Four employees participated in the pilot project; the term was scheduled for three years and the project was successfully completed with an extension phase of 6 months.

Project description for Alternating Telework.





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