Mentoring Program WiMINToring

The mentoring program WiMINToring is an established offer for young female scientists at the TU Clausthal. It was launched in 2019 (Press release 2019) and in January 2020 the program went into the second round (Press release 2021).

Who: Young female scientists: PhD students, postdocs, junior professors of the TU Clausthal.

What: Mentoring program WiMINToring (Flyer Mentoring Program 2021)

When: from January 2021

Where: TU Clausthal

Mentoring - what is it actually? Mentoring is a modern instrument of personnel development and serves the personal and professional advancement of junior staff. In essence, mentoring is the direct support relationship between an experienced person (mentor) and a less experienced junior employee (mentee). Mentor*s support and accompany mentees in their further development for a certain period of time.

This involves:

  • individual advice and feedback
  • professional orientation
  • Passing on strategic experiential knowledge
  • career planning
  • Support in network development

Here you can find the detailed Schedule of the 2nd run of the mentoring program 2021