University Exploration for Female Pupils

Who: female pupils (age 16+)

What: University Exploration

When: October 11th to 16th, 2020

Where: TU Clausthal

Experience real lectures, exciting practical courses and great leisure activities for a whole week. Explore the manifold facets of TU Clausthal and have students, staff and professors answer all your questions on study programs, college life and funding.

Once a year, during Lower Saxony’s autumn holidays, TU Clausthal offers a university exploration week for female senior pupils. The 5-day program gives pupils highly individual insights into the possible science or technical study programs in the Upper Harz. The areas of insights range from lectures and practical courses to information on funding, semesters abroad, student life and much more. The practical courses can be individually chosen in order to enable female pupils to explore their individual interests. Female university students are present the whole week to provide advice and assistance. They also organize the evening activities of the exploration week.

Form University Exploration

University Exploration

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