German Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charta)

TU Clausthal considers the diversity and heterogeneity of the student body and its employees as an asset to the university, bearing great innovative potentials. TU Clausthal promotes diversity while at the same time increases equal opportunities throughout the whole university culture.

In February 2020, TU Clausthal became an official signatory of the German Diversity Charta. The German Diversity Charta is an employer initiative supporting diversity in companies and institutions. The initiative strives to deepen recognition and appreciation of inclusion and diversity in Germany’s work environment. Organizations ought to create a work environment that is free of prejudice. All employees should receive appreciation – regardless of gender, gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, as well as world view, disability, age, sexual orientation, and identity.

The German Diversity Charta promotes recognition and appreciation of inclusion and diversity in the work environment. By joining the Charta and signing this official certificate, TU Clausthal committed to ensuring a prejudice-free and open work environment.

For further information please visit the website of the German Diversity Charta.