Diversity Management (DiM) is a strategic approach in fostering diversity and the practical implementation of equal opportunity. Diversity Management aims to value diversity and integrate the differences of all people to further develop the abilities and potentials which comes with it.

Diversity is also often referred to as variety and heterogeneity.

Diversity Management is a concept in economy which aims to develop the tools that enables the integration of various target groups. Thereby, the main focus was placed on market orientation and innovative ability through building heterogenous teams in corporate decision-making and management processes.

Thus, Diversity Management within the university is a strategic approach in transforming university culture by combining sociopolitical decisions at university through strategic planning and sustainable implementation. Innovation and excellence can only be achieved if heterogeneity is widely accepted and valued. Different offers for teaching, studies, research and personnel development are therefore conceptualized.

The heterogeneity of the student body is indeed a particular challenge to a university. Hence, creating and fostering diversity while providing equal opportunities has been a major task in university development.

The core areas of Diversity Management at a university includes:

  • Studies and Teaching
  • Research
  • Personnel Development
  • Accessibility (of Buildings and the Web Presence)

Diversity is multifaceted. The German General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG) extends the ban of discrimination on gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion and world views. The following diversity dimensions are predominant at universities: gender (or gender identity), ethnic background (migratory background), social background, disability and age.

TU Clausthal considers the diversity and heterogeneity of its students and employees as an asset to the university, bearing great innovative potentials. TU Clausthal promotes diversity while at the same time working to create equal opportunities of all members. All strategic decisions are made taking diversity as a consideration.

Diversity is the future!