Diversity Audit "Shaping Diversity"

For Clausthal University of Technology, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all members is an essential goal, which is practically fulfilled through the implementation of diversity management. Clausthal University of Technology is characterized by the diversity of its members. In order to further develop this living diversity and to include it in a holistic concept for the systematic implementation of equal opportunities, TU Clausthal has applied to participate in the Diversity Audit "Shaping Diversity" of the Stifterverband and was accepted in July 2020 together with seven other higher education institutions (five of them universities).

The auditing process consists of the internal auditing process with five internal university workshops and the Diversity Forum for regular collegial exchange.

After submission of the self-report, which documents the initial situation of the university, the diversity audit started in October 2020 with the first diversity forum. Furthermore, TU Clausthal has chosen an auditor, Dr. Daniela De Ridder, through a selection process, who will accompany the two-year auditing process at the TU Clausthal.

In January 2021, a strategy group consisting of the Vice President for Equal Opportunities and Promotion of Young Academics, Prof. Heike Schenk-Mathes, the Vice President for Studies and Teaching, Prof. Gunther Brenner, and the full-time Equal Opportunities and Diversity Officer, Dr. Natalia Schaffel-Mancini, met digitally with the auditor, Dr. Daniela De Ridder, to plan the diversity audit at Clausthal University of Technology.

The focus areas of the diversity audit at TU Clausthal are:

  • Strategy and structure
  • Study and teaching
  • Personnel development
  • IT/real estate/digitisation

The current status of the goals for the respective areas as well as the planned measures can be found in the document: Focus of the Diversity Audit.

The steering committee including the members of the steering group consists of the following persons:

  • Mrs. Astrid Abel (Head of the International Centre Clausthal)
  • Ms. Katrin Balthaus (Study Center, Central Student Advisory Service and Representative for Disability Counseling)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Bohn (Representation of professors)
  • Mr. Thomas Bravin (Staff Council)
  • Mr. Mohamed Magdi Daaji (Student Representation and International Affairs)
  • Mrs. Heike Dieckmann (Department for Studies and Teaching)
  • Ms Andrea Kleinewig (Head of the Personnel Department)
  • Ms. Alexandra Springer (Assistant to the full-time Vice-President, Coordinator of Human Resources Development in the Non-Scientific Area)
  • Ms. Antje Mackensen (Center for University Didactics, Diversity in Teaching)
  • Ms. Tatjana Methfessel (Family Service)

Timing of the Diversity Audit at the TU Clausthal



June 2020

Application for the Diversity-Audit of the Stifterverband

July 2020

Acceptance of the TU Clausthal into the auditing process

October 2020

Submission of the self-report

October 2020

Official start of the diversity audit at the 1st Diversity Forum with presentation of the auditors

November 2020

Selection process of the auditor

January 2021

Meeting of the strategy group / planning of the auditing process at the TU Clausthal

08 March 2021

Kick-Off Workshop of the Steering Committee

31 May 2021

Operational Workshop of the Steering Committee

June 2021

2nd Diversity Forum at the TU Clausthal

December 2022

End of the audit