Accessible Web Presence

By changing the websites to the new layout, the majority of these elements is already implemented. Apart from these, only images and links need to be captioned. Please see an introduction to this in the Datacenter Editorial Guide and the Administrative Guide.

Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions, wishes and questions to the “Web AG”. Further information on the web presence of TU Clausthal can be obtained on the website of the data center.

TU Clausthal provides the reading software webReader by ReadSpeaker, which enables the reading aloud of website texts. Reading aloud the text leads to the information being easier to understand and thus leads to more accessible and user-friendlier contents. The user does not need to download the program, it can be used right on the website. The webReader also comprises the features “Dictionary” and “Translation”. These features allow the user to look up words in a dictionary or to translate parts of the text. This service can be accessed on the centrally administered websites (main page of TUC, Equal Opportunity Office and Data Center) and the website of the International Center (IZC) and the University Library.

The webReader implements the following elements of digital accessibility:

  • The website contents will be read out aloud.
  • It is also possible to limit the voice output to a marked area
  • The program supports over 50 languages
  • During the voice output, the read content is highlighted to facilitate reading along.
  • Translation of a selected text
  • The speed of the voice output and the volume can be adjusted
  • The dictionary function enables looking up words
  • Font, font size and color are adjustable
  • The webReader-app can be operated completely via keyboard

To support the implementation of digital accessibility, please see the following guideline. It includes the key points of the WCAG-standards for creating accessible documents and forms.