Task Force Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility is continuously developed and implemented at Clausthal University of Technology. In order to complete this task, in 2019 the task force “Digital Accessibility” was formed. Its meetings take place quarterly.

This task force consists of:

  • Ms. Prof. Schenk-Mathes (Vice President for Equal Opportunity and Young Academics (VPN)
  • Mr. Brinkwerth (Head of the Data Center)
  • Mr. Grönwoldt (Data Center)
  • Ms. Balthaus (Representative for Severely Handicapped Students)
  • Mr. Ahlers (Legal Affairs)
  • Ms. Hoffmann (Public Relations)
  • Ms. Dr. Schaffel-Mancini (Equal Opportunity Office)
  • Ms. Methfessel (Equal Opportunity Office)

The implementation of many accessibility elements on the university websites was the team’s first project. As a result, the web presence of Clausthal University of Technology was transformed to be accessible in accordance with WCAG-level AA in due time.

Depending on the respective topic of the task force, further experts of Clausthal University of Technology are invited. Currently, the task force is engaged in the accessible design of documents and forms which are available online. Mr. Schubert and Mr. Jütte of Department 2 are involved in this topic.