Guidance of the Recruitment Process

Information on the Guidance of the Recruitment Process by an Equal Opportunity Officer:

  1. Please request the guidance of the recruitment process with the Equal Opportunity Office (E-mail: ; Contact person: Annett Panterodt, Telephone +495323 72-3106)
  2. Please already include the equal opportunity office when arranging appointments.
  3. The equal opportunity officer responsible for the recruitment process will contact you (you will be contacted by Annett Panterodt if no equal opportunity officer can take on your case).
  4. From that moment, you communicate directly with the responsible equal opportunity officer.
  5. The equal opportunity officer needs to be presented with all documents in full (job posting, applications, synopsis, screening notes) (provision via Cryptshare).

The equal opportunity officer is not a member of the selection commission (she does not get a vote); she observes the recruitment process and ensures the equal treatment of the candidates (she has a right to object); the selection decision needs to be supported by the equal opportunity officer; a selection note should be presented for information.

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