Maternity Protection (Act)

The Maternity Protection Act applies to all expectant mothers who are currently employed (female civil servants are exempted) and aims to protect mothers and children against the dangers and pecuniary damages due to the pregnancy. The Maternity Protection Act applies as soon as the employer is informed of the pregnancy, for example by a short notice to your personnel officer. This notice should include the due date of the delivery. The period of protection begins 6 weeks before the estimated due date und usually ends 8 weeks after the actual due date (for multiple or premature births 12 weeks after childbirth). During these periods of protection, employed women are financially protected by the maternity benefits of the public health insurances and the top-up payment of the employer.

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The maternity protection of female civil servants is regulated specifically and not discussed here as the regulations differ among the federal states and for female federal officials as well:

  • If you are a female federal official, the Federal Maternity Protection Act applies to you.
  • If you are a female civil servant of a federal state, the Maternity Protection Act of that federal state applies to you. Some federal states adopted the Federal Maternity Protection Act.