Flexible Study Organization (Part-Time Study)

Due to the Directive on Regulating Part-time Studies (TzO) dated December 19th, 2017, a student can apply for part-time studies if full time studies cannot be pursued.

Possible reasons:

  1. Family responsibilities due to the upbringing of own children up to the age of 18 or nursing and supervision of sick family members dependent on care;
  2. family members that have a nursing care level assigned to them;
  3. disability or serious chronic illness which impair the ability to study or reduce time resources on a scale that prevents a regular full-time study program;
  4. outstanding social and civic commitment/engagement/dedication (e.g. high-performance sport, supra-regional arts, and artistic activities,
  5. social, political or trade-union commitment;
  6. participation in committees of student or academic self-government
  7. occupation or employment with at least 15 regular working hour per week.

The application for taking up part-time study must be submitted in writing using the application form for the permission/license/permit on part-time studies. It is to be submitted prior to the start of the re-registration period for the following semester (see section 8 (1) Admission Regulation (Immatrikulationsordnung)) in the Student’s  Secretary Office.

Under § 22 (subpara. 5 and 6), the General Examination Regulation of Clausthal University of Technology, contains a passage on family-friendliness of TU Clausthal and compensation on disadvantages suffered by students with family responsibilities. Please seek advice on this with the Student Advisory Office of TU Clausthal or the Family Services Office.