University Exploration for Female Pupils

Who: Schoolgirls aged 16 and over

What: Trial study

When: 13 to 18 October 2024

Where: TU Clausthal

Experience real lectures, exciting internships and great leisure activities at TU Clausthal for one week. Get to know the many facets of the different degree programmes and have all your questions about degree programmes, student life and financing options answered by students, staff and professors.

Once a year - during the autumn holidays in Lower Saxony - Clausthal University of Technology hosts a taster course for secondary school girls. The 5-day programme provides a very individual insight into scientific or technical studies here in the Upper Harz through lectures, practical applications, information on financing studies, semesters abroad, student life in Clausthal and much more. The choice of internships is individually tailored so that each student can go according to her own interests and take a closer look at Clausthal University of Technology. The taster course is supervised by female students, who are always on hand to offer help and advice and organise the evening social programme.

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