Who: (Young) female scientists of the TU Clausthal

What: Women's network "Women&Science TU Clausthal


  • First Wednesday of each month there is a network meeting of the young female scientists, due to COVID-19 currently digital. The next network meeting is on 02 June 2021 (via BigBlueButton).
  • Four times a year in a rotation of about three months, a network evening is held for all members of the network. The next network evening on the topic "Career Path: Top Management" is on 16 June 2021.

Where: TU Clausthal

Goals of the network:

  • To network women at TUC and advance their careers.
  • To establish personal and professional contacts
  • To show female role models
  • To create space for an open, trusting exchange of ideas
  • To strengthen motivation for personal development

Networking takes place on two levels: on the one hand, there is an informal exchange on the same level. For this purpose, the (junior) female scientists meet on the first Wednesday of every month. On the other hand, there is an exchange between the (young) female scientists and those already established in professional life, in the form of a formal meeting about four times a year. Furthermore, a common professional platform on LinkedIn is being set up especially for the women's network.

On the occasion of the opening of the women's network at the TU Clausthal you can read the following Press release read.

Become a member of our network! Visit us at LinkedIn.