Niedersachsen-Technikum (Lower Saxony College of Technology)

Within the framework of the Lower Saxony Technical College, the Clausthal University of Technology offers female high school graduates interested in science and technology the opportunity to try out everyday working life and studying in this field.

Who: Schoolgirls with (specialist) Abitur

What: Preparatory programme (propaedeutic course) of the TU Clausthal together with companies in the region.

When: from 01 September for 6 months

Where: 4 days in companies in the region, 1 day at the TU Clausthal

Participation is worthwhile!

The advantages at a glance:

  • You will complete a six-month (paid) company internship, including project work, in a cooperating company. You will have already completed the compulsory internship for technical courses of study!
  • One day per week you will attend regular first semester lectures at the Clausthal University of Technology and can also take part in laboratory tours, discussions with female students, engineers and networkers.
  • You can take exams for the courses you have attended. If they pass, this is already the first "Schein".
  • In a project presentation with company representatives, teachers of the TU Clausthal, school administrators, parents and friends you can present your project at the end.
  • They can get an idea of life and studying at the TU Clausthal on site and at the same time get a taste of everyday work in scientific and technical professions.

The Niedersachsen-Technikum is intended to encourage young women to choose scientific and technical courses of study and professions. It is therefore open to all interested female high school graduates who are still undecided about a course of study and would like to find out whether a technical or scientific course of study is right for them. They should have an interest in scientific topics and be open to technical issues. The future career field requires a wide range of talents, so prospective students who have language talents beyond the natural sciences and technology or who focus on other subjects are also in demand.

You can find further information on the website of the Lower Saxony Technical College and in the Flyer.

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